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Total progress view - so far I have a finished 3’ high quarter frame on the west side of the flat(mid left in picture) // I have a near finished 3’ high by 4’ wide quarter frame built up to the east (right in Picture) /// and a half built up smooth pyramid hip with nice transition to it (far left in picture) #backyardbowlproject #diyskate #concreteskate /(still looking for more cinder blocks / I have allot planned out to build still and the more block I have the easier it’ll be / if anyone has any block or know anywhere that has block I can have it would be greatly appreciated and greatly used - im so stoked on these ramps :) (at The Vertical Violet)

I’m planning on extending our fence out 5’ to make room for a 12’long by 3’ high quarter that will fill the whole north side - once that is done this hip and quarter will flow so well with it - it’s all going to be so fun to skate - I love this shit #backyardbowlproject

Another angle of the unfinished but still gnarly bank and hip frame - I’ve been work so hard on these skate creations lately - I’m thrilled with the way it’s been going - this is the first time I’ve some DIY concrete ramps and so far I fucking love it - this backyard jungle bowl is going t be so smooth and fun - just you wait and see :) #backyardbowlproject

I had a fun day crafting up this fun banked pyramid hip - it’s going to be smooth as fuck once Its fully built up and the top layer of Crete is on .. So ready to shalp these concrete waves that are in my backyard - :) ALSO if anyone knows where I can get free cinder blocks at please please let me know - I’m in need of more blocks so I can do more work on the backyard DIY gnar ramps - #backyardbowlproject

I’ve made So much more progress in the last 4 days - so excited to have the pyramid corner built up half way - 💥soooo stoked that I finished the 3” quarter as well - I’m making some maddogprpgress - I finished the quarter frame last night and I now have the hip half built up - I’m very happy with the way everything has been flowing - #backyardbowlproject #lgbgnarramps

I made even more progress on this quarter yesterday - I’m on the top layer of block now - today I’m getting more block and finishing up this quarter frame - hopefully buying some top concrete mix on Monday and have this quarter surfaced and done by next week - so fucking stoked on this - ready to build even more in my backyard , I just need 100 or so more block ahaha - I dig it - I love working on it #skateandcreate #backyardbowlproject (progress for days)

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