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Gnarps at the park - yesterday’s Ryan Woodward competition was a blast - skating with a bunch of rad kooks // stoked on placing 1st and stoked that @tfeldss got 2nd place - shedding the whole park with matching @wichitaskateboardingsociety shirts on- good day full of the gnar - (at Downtown Skate Park)

Full spread shelf of custom cut and painted Art pieces // also 3 wave cruisers available at @welldoneskatesupply now - go check out the new #welldoneskatesupply shop look / stoked to have my pieces in the shop - #LGBskateboardART - all online as well at // thanks to @wichitaskateboardingsociety for the support as well - #shoplocal #wichitaskateboardingsociety #skateboardart (at WELLDONE)

Last but not least LGB Saturday city sesh part 7 - few clips on this custom made rail by @restxenso set down the 4 stair /super excited about the front feeb bs 180 ~ such a fun Day it was floating around on my shred sled with good friends - filmed / ramped footage by @randypyang #randyisrad ) -
Onward and upward - ready for more ripping ~~I love skateboarding - #wichitaskateboardingsociety #welldoneskatesupply #chophouseskateboards @wichitaskateboardingsociety @welldoneskatesupply @chophouseskateboards #downrailgnar #wichitaskateboarding (at Wichita Skatepark)

LGB Saturday city sesh part 6 // nose bonk (over @fluten45ty ;) TO manual Ollie down the 2~~also manual back 1 / nose manual Nollie bigspin line ~ I dig all these clips so much thanks again for filming @randypyang ) #skateboarding #wichitaskateboardingsociety #welldoneskatesupply @wichitaskateboardingsociety @welldoneskatesupply @chophouseskateboards
#manualmadness #balanceboard (at Wichita Skatepark)

LGB Saturday city sesh Part 5 /- ( 🎥 by @randypyang ) Nollie nose manual to pop down the 2 block // also one of my new favorite looking tricks ~fs 50-50 back 180 pop out ~in a line with a front board to manual front 1 out ~thrilled on this line ~I love flowing on my skateboard - life’s great #skateboarding #wichitaskateboardingsociety #welldoneskatesupply #chophouseskateboards @wichitaskateboardingsociety @welldoneskatesupply @chophouseskateboards (at Wichita Skatepark)

LGB city Saturday sesh part 4 — fakie manual front 180 out line // I’m so fucking thrilled that we filmed so much yesterday , I have been practicing these fun manual maneuvers lately so it’s great that we got them on film - ( #randyisrad 🎥 @randypyang ) -#manualmadness
#wichitaskateboardingsociety #welldoneskatesupply #chophouseskateboards @wichitaskateboardingsociety @chophouseskateboards @welldoneskatesupply #skateboarding #lgb (at Wichita Skatepark)

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